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You should never lose your livelihood over art.


Coronation Apparel has set out to enable and promote the artistic talents of some of the best creative minds you may or may not know yet. Not only do these artists have a unique story to tell, but they also have the creative experience to build their reputations. Today’s world can be a tough fucking ride, and sometimes the best opportunities come from the least expected avenues. Our team provides a proven and well-guided path for our artists to get involved with multiple opportunities for artistic growth and giving back. 


We aren’t just a t-shirt line; we strive to change the way artists express themselves in a safe, yet boundless, environment. Our company welcomes artists who have fallen victim to the ramifications of illegal graffiti art, and make it their mission to guide young artists to avoid the same pitfalls. By supporting and teaching, these artists show students how to exhibit their talents in positive, uncensored, and self-succeeding ways.

We plan on starting our own foundation that includes creating outreach programs to directly influence all youth and, especially, up-and-coming artists. We believe in an anti-tagging, pro-street art stance, and truly believe positivity, mentoring, and modeling appropriate self-expression will lead to game-changing adults in the art world.

Coronation provides an outlet for graffiti artists to showcase their talent on apparel instead of their neighborhood wall.

You should never lose your livelihood over art.

Founder and artist, Sean Wilson, knows a thing or two about the backlash of expression. As a young graffiti artist, he was arrested for doing what he loved. Wilson launched Coronation Apparel Company to give back the creative freedom artists deserve. In the early 2000’s, Wilson started exploring the harsh conditions NYC graffiti artists were enduring. Not only was their epic art seen as vandalism, their crimes were often classified as Class C felonies. Compelled to help and protect these artists from social destruction, Wilson developed Coronation to fuse art, fashion, and reclaimed power.

Coronation provides an outlet for graffiti artists to showcase their talent on apparel instead of their neighborhood wall. Over a dozen legendary artists around the world have provided art that not only looks sick on tees, but also gives back to the art community. A percentage of profits go to a variety of nonprofit organizations and art programs that match Wilson’s mission of keeping creative expression alive both on and off the streets. Having all seen the law turn against them for their art, they’ve become mentors to young artists and serve them with the knowledge and support to express themselves with art that won’t interfere with their futures.

Coronation’s goal is to show a positive experience for art.

The tarnished appearance represents an artist’s former title as a royal street artist that is taken away by the law. Coronation re-crowns artists to start fresh as deserving, uncapped talent. Because that’s what Coronation is all about: the act of crowning a new kind of king.

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Apparel inspired by Street Art. Welcome to your Coronation.